Writing the Seasons has been set up by Chris Fewings

  • to blog about his own experience of the changing seasons, and the green spaces in and around Birmingham, particularly along its many streams.
  • to invite others to contribute writing and pictures on the same themes. This could be your observations of flora and fauna and weather, a story of a walk or cycle ride along the streams, your feelings aobut the changing seasons, information about the history of the Tame basin, the rituals you observe at different times of the year…
  • to gradually build up a directory of relevant links, resources and organisatons, and a noticeboard of relevant events.

Writing the Seasons has no funding at all.

About Chris Fewings

I’m a writer and creative writing facilitator living in the Rea Valley. I’ve recently started a postgraduate course at BCU, and I’m planning to include writing about our seasons and our rivers in my final project. I’m providing this website in my spare time.