Recording the seasons of the year as you experience them, in words and pictures. Walking and cycling through the green spaces around the RiverTame and its tributaries in the towns and cities of the West Midlands. Sharing information about the rivers and streams, about relevant events and organisations which help to reconnect us to urban nature.

I love the green spaces of Birmingham and I want to be more in touch with the seasons. I’ll be writing a blog on this site, and invite others to contribute their own experiences and images.

Cover picture: Reflections in the Rea by Tobias Benjamin Lever, March 2014


The Tame, the Rea, the Cole, the Blythe… there are so many natural waterways in Birmingham, and so much green space around them!

All the little rivers and streams in Birmingham and Solihull and half those in the Black Country flow together in Ladywell Reserve at Hams Hall near Coleshill. Large parts of them are culverted in brick channels hidden behind buildings, but there are also broad ribbons of grassland and woodland alongside them, stretching for miles and miles. I love exploring these green corridors and want to share my experience of that with you in words.

I would also like to invite you to contribute ….




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The Birmingham Greenways map is excellent!


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